DFOISR Electronic Read Room CD-ROM 00001-CDR-01

Documents not available on CD-ROM: 889, 891, 895 to 899

882:Public Comments ICO Proposed Rule for Part 15 Rewrite FAR Case 95-029

883:Spaceplane Technology and Research (STAR)

884:Biological Warfare

885:Depleted Uranium

886:Purchase Orders -Use of DOD funds in Guam School System

887:Memo of Understanding Between Government of the United States and Government of Israel on Strategic Cooperation

888:JS Instruction-Officer Professional Military Education Policy-CJCS 1800.01

890:Single Integrated Operation Plan: SIOP-63

892:Defense Airborne Reconnaissance Office (DARO) Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV)

893:Executive Summary-The Integrated Airborne Reconnaissance Strategy

894:Joint Department of Defense (DOD)/Department of Energy (DOE) Surety Plan

900:Report of the Quadrennial Defense Review

901:Department of Defense Government Performance and Results Act Information Update and Quadrennial Defense Review

902:Transforming Defense: National Security in the 21st Century-Report of the National Defense Panel

903:Department of Defense (DOD) Privacy Act Systems of Records Notices as of 12/31/1996

904:Proliferation: Threat and Response

905:Ballistic Missile Defense Organization (BMDO) Chart and Telephone Directory

906:Joint Military Operations Historical Collection

907:DOD Guide to Marking Classified Documents-DOD 5200.1-PH

908:Index of Department of Defense (DOD) Privacy Act Systems of Records Notices as of 12/31/1997

909:Health Effects of Kuwait Oil Fire Smoke

910:Annual Report on AFRRI Research FY 1992

911:Chinese Assessment of the Superpower Relationship 1972-1974

912:US-PRC-USSR Triangle: An Analysis of Options for Post-Mao China

913:DOD Dictionary of Military and Associated Terms

914:A Recommended Blueprint for the ASD(C31) and CIO in Response to DRI Directive #17-3/11/1998

915:Change 1-Sept. 14, 1993-Joint Pub 1-01: Joint Publication System-Joint Doctrine and Joint Tactics, Techniques and Procedures Development Program

916:Report of the Department of Defense (DOD) Base Realignment and Closure

917:Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff (CJCS) Instruction 2700.01 International Military Rationalization, Standardization and Interoperability Policy

918:Department of Defense (DOD) International Armaments Cooperation Policy

919:Report by the J-5 to the Joint Chiefs of Staff (JCS) on Middle East Boundaries

920:Memorandum for Members of the Verification Panel Working Group: SALT Operations

921:Readiness Reports to the Chairman, JCS for FY96/3 APR-JUN 96

922:Secretary of Defense Report to Congress: Actions to Accelerate the Movement to the New Workforce Vision

923:Operation Tailwind Documents

924:Report on Activities and programs for Countering Proliferation and NBC Terrorism

925:Report on Investigation Concerning the Missing Central Command Nuclear, Biological and Chemical Desk Logs

926:Environmental Exposure Report: Depleted Uranium in the Gulf

927:Joint Pub 6-0 Doctrine for Command, Control, Communications and Computer (C4) Systems Support to Joint Operations

928:Report by the J-5 to the Joint Chiefs of Staff on U.S.-China Security Relationship

929:CJCSM 3141.01A Procedures for the Review of Operation Plans

930:Defense Science Board Task FOrce on Satellite Reconnaissance

931:DOD Counterdrug Assistance to Mexico

932:DOD Humanitarian Assistance-FY-1996

933:Assessment of NVA/VC Capabilities in Cambodia

934:DOD Biennial Privacy Act Report-CY 1996 and 1997

935:SECDEF Weinberger's Oct. 1986 trip to India and Pakistan