FOIA Documents
Series 742-811

DFOISR Electronic Reading Library CD-ROM (Documents 742-811)

DFOISR Electronic Read Room CD-ROM 00018-CDR-01

Documents not available on CD-ROM:745, 758, 761, 792, 800, 803, 807

742:BETA I and II-67 Final Report April 1967

743:The Economics of Sizing the Military Medical Establishment

744:1994 Summer Study Report Entitled, "China in the Near Term"

746:Space Systems Roles and Missions Study Group

747:Message Declassified, Execute Order Operation Desert Storm

748:Multiple Satellite System Program/Defense Technical Information Center

749:Report to Congress-Conversion of Closed Military Installations into Federal Prison Facilities

750:An Agreement Between the AEC and the DOD for the Development, Production and Standardization of Atomic Weapons

751:Transcript of Telephone Conversations, Gulf of Tonkin Transcripts

752:Report on Nonproliferation and Counterproliferation Activities and Programs

753:NRC's Study of National Cryptography Policy remarks for Keith Hall DASD(I and S)

754:Counterproliferation Support Program-FY95 Project Overview

755:Agreement between Northeast Alternative Vehicle Consortium, Inc. and the Advanced Research Projects Agency (ARPA)Concerning Research into Electric Vehicle Technology and Studying the Military and Commercial Systems which can be based on these Devices

756:An Examination of the Viet Cong Reaction to the Vietnamese Strategic Hamlet Program (SHP)

757:Trends in Viet Cong Attacks on Hamlet

759:A Soviet Paramilitary Attack on US Nuclear Forces-A Concept November 1974

760:Medical Readiness Strategic Plan 1995-2001

762:Jennifer Harbury/Guatemala (contains material released by DIA) contains cover letter and messages

763:Career Guidelines and Oversight Procedures for Joint Specialty Officers and Other Officers Serving in Joint Duty

764:Defense Equal Opportunity Council, Report of the Task Force on Discrimination and Sexual Harassment, Volume 1 and 2

765:Ballistic Missile Proliferation An Emerging Threat

766:Report on Activities and Programs for Countering Proliferation

767:Findings, Conclusions and Recommendations of the C-17 Executive Independent Review Team and Appendices

769:Executive Order 12953, Actions Required of all Executive Agencies to Facilitate Payment of Child Support

770:The Economics of Sizing the Military Medical Establishment Executive Report Comprehensive Study of the Military Medical Care System

771:The Internal Debate on the Indian Nuclear Weapons Program: Some Preliminary Observations, RM-5313-ISA

772:Future Technology-Driven Revolutions in Military Operations-Results of a Workshop

773:Strengthening Department of Defense Transportation Functions

774:Air Traffic in the Tyrrhenian Sea Re: Commercial aircraft crash in 1980

775:Project Pandora Final Report

776:IDA Paper P-3016, Independent Review of the Development Risks

777:Secretary Orders Review on Possible Radiation Testing

778:Review of the Circumstances Surrounding the Ranger Raid on October 3-4, 1993 in Mogadishu, Somalia

779:Defense Treaty Inspection Readiness Program (DTIRP)

780:Planning Guidance for START Treaty Compliance

781:Planning Guidance for Responding to a Request for a START JCIC Special Session/Visit with Special Right of Access

782:Planning for Compliance with a START Treaty

783:DOD Comprehensive Clinical Evaluation Program for Gulf War Veterans, Report on 10,020 participants

784:News Release, Secretary of Defense Directs Implementation of new Homosexual Policy

785-1:Laos Prisoner of War Camp Study - Folder 1

785-2:Laos Prisoner of War Camp Study - Folder 2

786:Re Comments on the Report of the Commission on Roles and Missions of the Armed Forces

787:MIT DARPA/TTO Program IR Binary Optics

788:New Technology, War and International Law

789:Non-Lethal and Discriminate Weapons and Technologies

790:Department of Defense FY1996 Electronic Warfare Plan

791:Exploitation Process Reengineering Study (EXPRES)

793:Annual Report on the Conduct of the National Security Education Program

794:Joint Pub 3-11 Joint Doctrine for Nuclear, Biological and Chemical (NBC) Defense

795:Charter for the Joint Advanced Strike Technology (JAST)

796:Three Documents relating to Tobacco issues - One entitled "DOD Survey of Health Related Behaviors Among Military Personnel"

797:Department of Defense Plan for Streamlining the Bureaucracy

798:Defense Streamlining Plan, Charting a New Course

799:DOD Directive 1300.17: Accommodation of Religious Practices within the Military Services

801:Two Documents on Operation Pink Rose

802:Letters to Gore and Gingrich re: Report to Congress re: Nonlethal Weapons

804:US Personnel Missing,Southeast Asia (and Selected Foreign Nationals)

805:Memorandum Between DOD and the MOD of Russia on Cooperation in Environmental Protection Issues

806:Implementation of Executive Order 12958: DOD Declassification Package

808:Joint Chiefs of Staff Memo on Rolling Thunder Targeting

809:1995 Defense Base Closures and Realignments

810:1995 Annual Report of the Department of Defense Security Institute

811:The Private Financing of Military Housing