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Series 936-971

DFOISR Electronic Reading Library CD-ROM (Documents 936-971)

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936:Facts about the Law of the Sea Treaty

937:Executive Summary of the Report of the Commission to Assess the Ballistic Missile Threat to the United States July 15, 1998

938:Joint Doctrine Capstone and Keystone Primer

939:Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

940-1:Chronological Summary of Significant Events Concerning the Laotian Crisis, First Installment 8/9/1960 to 1/31/1961

940-2:Chronological Summary of Significant Events Concerning the Laotian Crisis, Second Installment: 2/1/1961 to 3/31/1961

940-3:Chronological Summary of Significant Events Concerning the Laotian Crisis, Third Installment: 4/1/1961 to 5/31/1961

940-4:Chronological Summary of Significant Events Concerning the Laotian Crisis, Fourth Installment: 6/1/1961 to 12/31/1961

940-5:Chronological Summary of Significant Events Concerning the Laotian Crisis, Fifth Installment: 1/1/1962 to 4/30/1962

940-6:Chronological Summary of Significant Events Concerning the Laotian Crisis, Sixth Installment: 5/1/1962 to 7/31/1962

941:Joint Doctrine Encyclopedia

942:Review of the Department of Defense Investigation into the Nature and Causes of Gulf War Illnesses

943:Abstract of Deposition of Hon. Richard T. Kennedy May 29, 1992, Washington D.C.

944:Joint Pub 5-00.2-Joint Task Force Planning Guidance and Procedures

945:Joint Pub 6-02-Doctrine for Employment of Operational/Tactical Command, Control, Communications and Computer Systems

946:Joint Pub 3-56.1-Command and Control for Joint Air Operations

947:DOD 0-2000.12-H-Protection and DOD Personnel and Activities against Acts of Terrorism and Political Turbulence

948:Joint Pub 3-13-Joint Doctrine for Information Operations

949:Joint Pub 3-07.1-Joint Tactics, Techniques and Procedures for Foreign Internal Defense (FID)

950:Joint Pub 3-50.2-Doctrine for Joint Combat Search and Rescue

951:Terror 2000: The Future Face of Terrorism


953:Philadelphia Experiment

954:Defense Base Closure and Realignment Commission: 1995 Report to the President

955:A Comprehensive Clinical Evaluation of 20,000 Persian Gulf War Veterans

956:United States Southern Command Counternarcotics Campaign Plan

957:United States Policy on Current Sino-Soviet Differences

959:Information on LCDR Speicher

960:Report to Congress-Kosovo/Operation Allied Force After-Action Report

961:Department of Defense (DOD) Budget for 2001

962:Secretary of Defense Strategic Studies Group-1999 Report: Premises for Policy: Maintaining Military Superiority in the 21st Century

963:Final Report Insurance Solicitation Practices on Department of Defense Installations

964:Department of Defense (DOD) Base Structure Report

965:Narrative Summaries of Accidents Involving U.S. Nuclear Weapons 1950-1980

966:Department of Defense (DOD) Prescribing Psychologists: External Analysis, Monitoring and Evaluation of the Program and its Participants

967:Under Secretary of Defense (USD)(Policy) 1999 Summer Study Final Report ASIA 2025

968:Paranormal Phenomena-Briefing on a Net Assessment Study (ARPA)

969:Implementation of the Unified Command Plan

970:Case Narrative-Possible Mustard Release at Ukhaydir Ammunition Storage Depot

971:JCS Positions and Statements on Disarmament January 1961 to November 1969