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Documents not available on CD-ROM:638, 640, 649, 660, 715, 725, 726, 736

634:AFRRI Special Report DOD Nuclear Mishaps

635:DOD Narrative Summaries of Accidents Involving U.S. Nuclear Weapons 1950-1980

636:Various Documents on Defense Procurement Programs

637:Environmental Programs

637: Environmental Programs

639:Recording of Vaccinations Received in Operation Desert Shield or Storm in the Medical Immunization Record (SF601)

641:A National Strategy of Engagement and Enlargement

642:Defense Science Board Task Force on Persian War Health Effects plus a News Briefing

643:Report of the US - Russian Joint Commission on POWs and MIAs re the Transfer of US Korean War POWs to the Soviet Union

644:Application for Federal Assistance for MCAS El Toro Reuse Planning Process

645:Comments on the changes to DFARS Parts 211, 227 and 252 plus copy of Federal Register Vol 59, Number 117 June 20, 1994

646:DDR and E Foreign Research and Development Capability-1957 and 95.8-Defense Science Board

647:Report of the Special Task Force on the Defense Foreign Language Institute

648:Missile Defense Milestones 1944-1993 SDIO Historian Dr. Donald R. Baucom

650:US Costs in the Persian Gulf Conflict and Foreign Contributions to offset such costs , as required by Section 401 PL 102-25

651:Iraqi Air Campaign Instant Thunder

652:Doctrine for Joint Nuclear Operations

653:C4I for the Warrior-Fused, Real Time, True Representation of the Warrior's Battlespace-Ability to Respond & Coordinate Horizontally & Vertically to Prosecute Warfighting Mission in that Battlespace!

654:Memorandum subject Pyrocap B-136

655:The DoD's Nuclear Posture Review

656:BETA I & II Final Report

657:Note by the Secretaries to the JCS on Concept of employment and Command Structure for the Polaris Weapon System

658:Report by the J-5 to the JCS on Concept of Employment and Command Structure for the Polaris Weapon System

659:The Case of PVT Robert R. Garwood

661:US-China Joint Defense Conversion Commission Minutes of the First Meeting-Beijing

662:Bayesian Networks to Midcourse Multi-target Tracking and Survey of Strategic Defense Initiative Tracking Algorithms IDA Paper P2284

663:A Settlement of the Conflict in Vietnam

664:Movement of a Corps-Size Force to South Vietnam

665:MACV Practice Nine Air Supported Anti-Infiltration Plan

666:Prairie Fire-Phase III

667:Force Requirements - Southeast Asia FY 1968

668:Installation of MSQ-77 in Northern Laos

669:Operations Against North Vietnam

670:Draft Memo for the President on Future Actions in Vietnam

671:Air Operations Against NVN

672:MACV Practice Nine Requirements Plan

673:Integrated Strike & Interdiction Plan Slides

674:Integrated Strike & Interdiction Plan Script

675:Econometric Study of Target Systems in North Vietnam

676:Demilitarization of the DMZ and a Bombing Halt in North Vietnam

677:Required Forces for COMUSMACV's Air-supported Anti-infiltration Plan

678:Air Munitions Plan for Southeast Asia

679:Operations - Laos

680:Replacement of USS Forrestal Air Operations Capability

681:Timberwork - Modification of Concepts

682:Increased B-52 Capability in Southeast Asia

683:Increased Pressures on North Vietnam

684:Holiday Standdowns in Vietnam

685:Operations - Laos Part 2

686:Policies for the Conduct of Operations in Southeast Asia over the Next Four Months

687:Operation Night Bolt

688:Military Operating Authorities during Holiday Standdowns for Christmas 1967 and New Years and Tet 1968

689:Study of the Political Military Implications in Southeast Asia of the Cessation of Aerial Bombardment and the Initiation of Negotiations; Short title, Sea Cabins

690:Use of COFRAM

691:Sea Cabin

692:The Situation at Kho Sanh

693:H-34 Helicopters for the VNAF 219th Squadron

694:Air Campaign Against North Vietnam

695:Emergency Reinforcement of COMUSMACV Part 1

696:Emergency Reinforcement of COMUSMACV Part 2

697:Optional Near-Term Action Programs

698:PACOM Requirement for Electronic Countermeasures Drones

699:Footboy Operational Concept Juliet

700:The use of Propeller and Jet Aircraft in Laos

701:Prairie Fire - Phase III

702:Augmentation Forces for MACV

703:Prairie Fire - Intelligence Net

704:US Policy for Laos

705:Operational Control of III MAF Aviation Assets

706:Pan-Southeast Asian International Highway

707:Use of Riot Control Agent CS in Combat Aircrew Recovery Operations in Laos and North Vietnam

708:Increase of US Army Forces in Korea

709:Accelerated Expansion of RVNAF

710:Early Deployment of the F-111 to Southeast Asia

711:ARC Light Operations

712:Revised Southeast Asia Air Munitions Requirements through CY 1968

713:Aerial Mining Capability

714:Cruiser Deployments

716:CIO Overview viewgraphs presented by MG Brett M. Dula

717:IDA Paper P-3016, Independent Review of the Development Risks Associated with the Comanche Armed Reconnaissance Helicopter

718:Final Report of the Defense Science Board Task Force on Readiness, known as Readiness Task Force

719:ARPA, Report of the Senior Working Group on Military Operations other than War (OOTW)

720:C-17 Program and Mobility Requirements and Programs

721:Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Memorandum of Policy Number 30

722:Short-Time-of-Flight Ballistic Missiles and Depressed Trajectories

723:Report of the Maritime and Riverine Resource Planning Team

724:Report of the Defense Science Board Summer Study Task Force on Information Architecture for the Battlefield

727:ARPA, The Balanced Technology Initiative; Annual Report to Congress

728:OASD(C3I); Operation Desert Shield and Storm Intel Dissemination Study

729:Defense Science Board 1989 Summer Study on National Space Launch Strategy

730:DOD Polygraph Program

731:A National Security Strategy of Engagement & Enlargement

732:JCS Memo of Policy Number 30; Command and Control Warfare

733:1994 Summer Study; China In the Near Term

734:Report of the Commission on Roles and Missions of the Armed Forces

735:Public versus Private Competition C141 and FA-18

737:NSD Directive Number 75, US Relations with the USSR

738:Corporate Information Management

739:Various letters etc on Defense Commitments

740:Nuclear Posture Review

741:DOD Base Closure and Realignment Report