FOIA Documents
Series 812-881

DFOISR Electronic Reading Library CD-ROM (Documents 812-881)

DFOISR Electronic Read Room CD-ROM 00019-CDR-01

Documents not available on CD-ROM: 813, 816, 818, 826-827, 841, 850, 871, 873-874, 878, 880

812:DOD Study of the Military Commissary System - Executive Summary

814:CJCSM 3150.05 Joint Reporting Structure (JRS) Situation Monitoring Manual

815:Non-Lethal Incapacitating Weapon: Liquid Stream Projector Feasibility Study (U) Adv. Tech. DARPA RAC-TP-168

817:A Brief Survey of NonLethal Weapons Report No. RACIC-TR-66 sponsored by ARPA

819:Designation of Rwanda and Zaire as Certain Places Pay Areas, DJSM-842-94

820:Improving the Combat Edge through Outsourcing

821:Joint Pub 4-04 Joint Doctrine for Civil Engineering Support-26 September 1995

822:Policy Study: Non-lethal Technologies: Analysis of National Security Policy Implications of Non-Lethal Weapons

823:Strategic Assessment: Non-Lethal Weapons

824:Bilderberg Meetings or Conference

825:Report on Activities and Programs for Countering Proliferation

828:Cuba, Jan 1961-Sep 1962; Foreign Relations

829:Improving Coverage National Practitioner Data Bank

830:Health Consequences of Service During the Persian Gulf War

831:Women in Defense Leading the Way

832:Global Exchange of Military Information

833:DSB 1996 Summer Study: Tactics and Technology 21st Century

834:DSB Task Force: Information Warfare-Defense

835:Chinese Perceptions Soviet-American Military Balance

836:CSIS Latin American Election Study Series

837:Relocation of SOUTHCOM from Panama to Miami


839:DOD Executive Air Fleet Review

840:Space Communications Architecture

842:Reactions to a Nuclear-Armed China

843:Report on Nonproliferation and Counterproliferation Activities and Programs

844:Palomares Summary Report

845:Messages Concerning the USS LIBERTY Attack

846:Pollution Prevention/Recycling

847:Technical Revolution

848:Joint Reporting Structure Nuclear Weapon Reports

849:US Army School of the Americas Training Manuals

851:Joint Reporting Structure Event and Incident Reports; JS Instruction 3150.03

852:National Security Council Documents and Directives

853:Joint Pub 3-07.3; Joint Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures for Peacekeeping Operations

854:Roles, Missions and Functions of the Armed Forces

855:Human Rights Investigations in Honduras; Father Carney

856:Revolution in Military affairs; Low-Intensity Conflict Task Force

857:Statement of Director, Strategic and Tactical Systems before Senate Armed Services Committee-Non-Lethal Weapons

858:SECDEF Meeting with Japanese Prime Minister

859:Acquiring Defense Software Commercially

860:Continuity of Operations Software Evaluation

861:Report-National Defense Authorization Act for FY 96 Review of System for Correction of Military Records

862:SECDEF Report on Nuclear Attack Submarine Procurement and Technology

863:DOD Electronic Commerce

864:Past Performance Information Study

866:Nuclear/Biological/Chemical (NBC) Warfare Defense-Report to Congress 1996

867:USD(P) Visit to China: 25-28 June Meeting/Events Book

868:JS Report to Congress-1996 Force Readiness Assessment

869:The Operational Implications of Proliferation IDA Document

870:Non proliferation of Nuclear Weapons

872:US Personnel Missing, Southeast Asia (and Selected Foreign Nationals)

875:Selected Military Capabilities of the People's Republic of China (PRC)

876:National Security and the Convention on the Law of the Sea


879:Defense Science Board Task Force: Technology for U.S. Rapid Deployment Forces

881:Assistance and Sales to the People's Republic of China